Al Sharpton Exposed As A Fraud and a Con Man, He Could Lose Everything in THIS Lawsuit

Al Sharpton is a notorious race-baiter with some extreme opinions. It turns out he is also a con man and a fraud. He’s now being sued for $1.75 million for ripping off a man who needed his help. One of Al Sharpton’s clients, Reggie Anders Sr. tried to get Sharpton’s help with a discrimination issue he had with Verizon. This is where is gets messed up.

Reggie paid Sharpton $16,000 in cash after Sharpton promised to “set up mediation meetings”, “put the matter to the media” and even insult Verizon on his weekly radio broadcast. However, Al Sharpton did none of this. That’s not all but Reggie Anders Sr. soon found out that Verizon pays Al Sharpton for good press. Al Sharpton took this man’s $16,000 and wasted a lot of his time for nothing. And now he’s angry.

Anders talked to the New York Post about Sharpton, “he’s a crook, he’s a fraud, and that’s all he is. He didn’t do anything he promised. Absolutely nothing. I thought he was an honest guy. I thought he would do what he said he would do.” When Al Sharpton was first asked about Anders Sharpton denied he even knew who he was. What do you think? Is Reggie Anders telling the truth? Will Al Sharpton lose his reputation?


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