After Student Walk Out of VP Mike Pence, Texas Cowboy DESTROYS Them With 3 Brutal Words

On Sunday, we witnessed a group of Notre Dame graduates who made national headlines after they walked out and turned their backs to VP Mike Pence while he was holding his speech.

Unfortunately for them, karma has a way of coming back, and this Monday, it came back to bite them as one Texas cowboy put the spoiled graduates in their place with three harsh words.

While their act of walking out and disrespecting the VP may have been successful, they received tons of negative backlash by people all over America on social media.

But the harshest comments of all were delivered by Texas cowboy and popular media personality Chad Prather, who exposed the spoiled graduates for what they really are in just 3 words.

“Employers…go find the video of the college grads at Notre Dame walking out on the vice president’s commencement speech,” said Chad before uttering the three harsh words, followed by an advice.Remember their faces and don’t make the mistake of hiring them.”

“As a boss, you will do and say things they disagree with and their feelings will be hurt. This is how they respond to disappointment. I have a strong feeling they will be experiencing a lot of it in the years to come,” wrote Chad in his Facebook post.

Chad proved his point well, noting that all authority requires respect, as it is an effective tool in civilized society. He went on to explain how this generation of children is a product of an improper discipline.

H/T: USA News Flash

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