63 Percent Of Independents Don’t Care About Trump’s ‘Locker Room’ Comments

Voters aren’t concerned about Republican nominee Donald Trump’s comments during a 2005 interview about women, according to a national NBC/Surveymonkey poll published Monday morning.

A strong majority of 63 percent of Independent voters reported that Trump’s comments make no difference in their decision about who to support in November, compared to only 33 percent of Democrats, and 81 percent of Republicans.

Thirty-one percent of Independents also reported that they were less likely to vote for the Republican nominee for president, compared to only 3 percent who reported the comments made them more likely to vote for Trump.

Twelve percent of Republicans reported they were less likely to support Trump, and 1 percent of Democrats reported they were more likely to vote for Trump after hearing the comments.


Similarly, 63 percent of Independent voters said the comments weren’t enough to warrant the Republican nominee’s exit from the race, compared to just 34 percent of Democrats who reported the same.

Not surprisingly, 84 percent of Republicans reported they didn’t feel that Trump should leave the race, although 12 percent of Republican voters said Trump needed to leave the race.

Overall, Clinton leads Trump by 5 points, earning 46 percent compared to Trump’s 41 percent. Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson earned 8 percent, and Green Party nominee Jill Stein rounded out the pack with 3 percent.

Clinton leads the Real Clear Average by 4.9 percentage points, earning 47.9 percent compared to Trump’s 43 percent. Trump continues to lead in the LA Times daily tracking poll.
The NBC poll surveyed 23,329 likely voters, and ran from Oct. 3 through Oct 9, although the components relating to Trump’s comments came after the survey was published Friday. The poll carried a margin of error 1 percentage point in either direction.

Via: dailycaller.com

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