BREAKING: Trump Just Uncovered Soros’ Plot To Start Violent Revolution In AMERICA

President Donald Trump is battling globalist opposition on all sides. The deep state is working with Hillary Clinton and foreign actors to start a revolution and overthrow our duly elected president.

Globalist billionaire George Soros made his fortune by destroying the economies of countries across Europe and fostering revolutions. Now, Soros is hoping to launch the “Purple Revolution” in America.

The day after losing the presidential election, Hillary Clinton appeared in public with her husband Bill in full purple attire, signaling the start of the “resistance” against President Trump (via The Blaze).

President Trump is an existential threat to the globalist forces attempting to take control of the world. He represents the people and not the elites. Now, George Soros and his goons are attempting to overthrow Trump.

George Soros is leading the globalist takeover by fomenting dissent among the “useful idiots” in America and abroad. He has had success with one of his “colored” revolutions recently in Ukraine– but he has been perfecting the strategy for decades.

In 2014, George Soros and other globalist forces spurred on the “Orange Revolution” in Ukraine. After two major protests, Soros was able to oust the democratically elected president of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych.

Yanukovych opposed the forces of globalism and refused to work with European powers. Instead, he developed close ties with Russia. Former Trump advisor Paul Manafort was an advisor to Yanukovych.

The Ukrainian president refused to go along with the globalist goals and was ousted. His assets were seized and he is now wanted by Interpol. He hid in Russia. George Soros got his way and installed the illegitimate government of Petro Poroshenko.

The Soros-colored revolution strategy relies on convincing a vocal minority of “useful idiots” to oppose the legitimate government through a propaganda campaign. Once a strong opposition force has been mustered, a major protest erupts, resulting in a coup of the democratically elected leader– in this case, Trump.

Soros finances opposition forces across America and pays operatives to undermine President Trump. The entire Trump-Russia collusion scandal was originally concocted by a Soros operative, Alexandra Chalupa, who worked with the domestic terrorist known as the Speedway Bomber and the illegitimate Ukrainian government (via The Daily Caller).

The Ukrainian government fabricated a ledger that proved Paul Manafort was paid under the table by the former president of Ukraine on behalf of the Kremlin. The fake ledger was the start of the disinformation campaign accusing Trump of collusion (via Politico).

The purpose of the fake Russia scandal is to provide a justification for the planned Purple Revolution. The corporate media spreads the lie, and unwitting college kids take to the streets, after being convinced to protest our president.

President Trump is our last hope of taking our country back, so the forces of globalism are doing everything in their power to stop him. Deep state actors are leaking information both real and fake to justify a revolution against our republic.

The Soros plan for a “Purple Revolution” will culminate this summer as activist groups plan to take to the streets. We need to stand with our president against these internal and external forces to take our country back from the globalists.


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