IRS Has News For Bill And Hillary Clinton

The Obama administration was a total failure at just about every level. Everything they did dropped like an egg and helped destroy this country. We are just now starting to see some of the Obama era policies be rolled back to the point they need to be. President Donald Trump has been working hard for the people of this country and will not take no for an answer. Even though it is tough to get anything passed with the liberals breathing down his neck, he is doing it perfectly. Bill And Hillary Clinton are not doing so hot, however. The IRS is now onto them

The IRS is investigating the couple for links for a for-profit university that gave them over $17 million in the past few years. Bill Clinton is the honorary chancellor for Laureate International Universities which is one reason he saw so much money coming in. This is what we can expect from people of the likes of the Clintons. They have so many problems that are yet to be taken care of it is hard to keep track.

We are seeing before our very eyes what happens when the Democrats are in office. It seems like every day we see a new investigation opening up about something that happened under Barack Obama. The Obamas and Clintons caused this country so much harm that it will be hard to come back from it.

But that is exactly why Donald Trump wanted to be elected. He wanted to see a great change in the United States and that is what he is working towards as we speak. President Trump has been working towards making America great again. This is what we needed as a nation right now and it is refreshing to see.

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