Iraq War Combat Surgeon Rep. Brad Wenstrup Treated Rep. Scalise’s Wounds On The Field

As Congressman Steve Scalise lie felled by a shooter’s bullet and bleeding on a Virginia baseball field, Congressman Brad Wenstrup, an Iraq War combat surgeon, rushed to the fallen congressman’s side and began treating his wounds right there on the field.


Wenstrup, a congressman from Cincinnati, Ohio, provided medical care to Rep. Scalise who was shot in the hip at about 7:15 AM as the GOP baseball team began practice at a field in Alexandria, Virginia, on Wednesday.

The Ohio Congressman told the media that Rep. Scalise was conscious and alert as he was trundled off to the hospital. “He was very brave,” Wenstrup said according to WLWT Channel 5 in Cincinnati.

“Fortunately, there was security detail there and Capitol Hill police or we all would have been vulnerable,” Wenstrup added. “I’m sure they saved — who knows how many lives. Let’s pray for those who got hit today.”

Wenstrup also noted that the incident was “like being in Iraq again, only without his weapon.”

WLWT noted that Wenstrup has been in Washington only a short time.

Wenstrup, 58, was elected to congress in 2013 in Ohio’s District 2, which includes parts of Hamilton County as well as Clermont, Brown, Highland, Adams and Pike counties.

Senator Rand Paul was also on the scene during the attack.

According to Washington Examiner, Paul was thankful for the Capitol Police.

“I do believe without the Capitol Hill police, it would have been a massacre,” Paul said. “We had no defense, no defense at all. We are lucky Scalise was there. This was his security detail. Without them, it would have been a massacre. There was no stopping this guy. We were like sitting ducks. It was a wide open field, it’s a killing field.”

Police reportedly only took three minutes to get to the scene.

At about 10:20 AM, witness Owen Britton told Fox News that he saw the shooter carrying an AK-47-styled weapon and appeared to be an older man perhaps in his 60s.

The witness also noted that he did not hear automatic gun fire. Only the sort of gunfire associated with a semi-automatic firearm.

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