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BREAKING: Trump Gives Green Light, Prepares To Declare George Soros ‘NATIONAL SECURITY THREAT’

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With Soros’s world now “falling apart all around him”, MoFA experts in this report note, he has now begun using President Putin as a bogeyman in order to deflect away from his many crimes—and who is being supported in the US by Republican Senator John McCain (who Soros has funded since 2001), Republican Senator Lindsey Graham (who Soros has long funded) and Republican Ohio State Governor John Kasich (who Soros funded to become president in case Hillary Clinton lost)—all of whom, along with their Soros funded Democratic Party allies, have brought the “Russians are coming” hysteria meme in America to a level not seen since the Cold War.

As Soros is now using his financial might to corrupt and destroy the Republican Party like he did the Democratic Party, this report concludes, the only obstacle now standing in his way is President-elect Trump—who even now while being assaulted on an hourly basis by the Soros-led mainstream “fake news” propaganda media, is showing no signs of backing down against this evil Nazi monster who he must destroy for the sake of the whole world, as well as his own.

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