Krauthammer Suggests Hillary Take ‘Lying Lessons’ – Guess Who The Tutor Would Be!

Conservative pundit Charles Krauthammer  blasted Hillary’s ever-evolving stories about her private e-mail server, saying she needs to take “lying lessons.” Not only that, Krauthammer knows the perfect person to teach the course. Her husband, Bill Clinton. His explanation was that Slick Willie “was one of the great liars of all time.” He “could …

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Melania Trump is Facing a Big Immigration Scandal Now After Her Nude Pics Were Revealed!

Trump supporters aren’t terribly approving of illegal immigrants, but that might be a problem after immigration specialists brought up questions about Melania Trump’s own immigration application!! From Politico:  While Trump and her husband, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, have said she came to the United States legally, her own statements …

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Could Trump have been right? Propaganda film suggests Iran DID videotape cash-drop plane and photograph shipment of cash during January prisoner swap

Iranian state-run media in Tehran did indeed videotape the arrival of a January 17 flight carrying $400 million in cash from the United States – and the money itself – judging from a documentary that aired the following month in the Islamic republic. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has been …

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