Marine Le Pen French Presidential Candidate Gives Muslim Leaders BIGGEST ‘Screw You’ After Demanding She Wear a Hijab!

Over the past several years, countries in Europe have continued to slip into decline thanks many idiotic leaders putting political correctness before the needs of their people. Germany is a prime example of this insanity, as Chancellor Angela Merkel continues to open her borders up to third world country savages, who …

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Meanwhile, Rioting Breaks Out In Sweden

It would appear the mainstream media (along with several celebrities and Swedish politicians) is going to be apologizing to President Trump once again. Having spent the entire new cycle trying to ignore the immigrant crisis facing Sweden, and pin the ignorant tail on Trump, both Dagbladet and Expressen reports riots …

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Thousands in Detroit Chant “Allahu Akbar!” at Farrakhan Speech: “America Will Never be Made Great Again…”

Speaking to thousands gathered in Detroit on Sunday, Louis Farrakhan said African-Americans shouldn’t place their faith in Democrats or Republicans, criticizing both parties for neglecting the black community. During his appearance at Joe Louis Arena, Farrakhan denounced Jews and told them they are not God’s “chosen” people. “I want to …

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