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30 Democrats Discovered Meeting with Russian Diplomats on Behalf of Obama, Liberals Totally Silent

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http://astrupdesign.dk/?serhio=lighstspeed-trading lighstspeed trading If you’ll recall, Washington Democrats all pointed the finger at Attorney General Jeff Sessions on allegations of inappropriate conversations with Russia. The Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post alleged that Sessions had two conversations with Russia’s ambassador to the U.S. while still a Senator. They argued that during his …

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WATCH: Pissed Off Citizen Sees What Muslim Welfare Queens Do After Leaving Walmart And Starts Recording In Shock

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binární opce demo bez vkladu While many hard-working Americans slave away putting in 40+ hour work weeks just to make ends meet, the other half of society enjoy sitting on their asses collecting a nice fat welfare check on our dime.  If it wasn’t bad enough that these welfare leeches enjoy the luxuries of life for …

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WATCH: Ted Cruz Takes the Mic at Gorsuch Hearing, Drops BOMB on Hypocrite Dems for All to See…

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handel mit binären optionen Neil Gorsuch is one of the most qualified Supreme Court nominees we have seen in recent history. There’s no reasonable justification for voting against him. But, it has been well established that the Democrats in D.C. are far from reasonable. Ted Cruz knows what the deal is and he let …

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BREAKING – Trump Makes BOLD Move to SHUT DOWN Obama’s ‘Shadow Government.’ Too Far?

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non funzionano le opzionibinarie Trump will not tolerate Obama loyalists lurking behind the scenes in his administration any longer. What our president just did to root out the spies once and for all is ingenious! Trump just embedded 16 hand-chosen aides into multiple federal agencies to both monitor and report back on the actions …

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Trey Gowdy Stands Up For America

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http://synergydance.co.uk/events/2016-04-17/?country=UK buy Lisinopril without prescription Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) came riding in to bring sanity to the intel hearings today on the hill. Sure, we all want to get to the bottom of the Russian saga. The investigation has been going on since July. Do you really believe that if Obama and his administration had …

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Senator Feinstein Has Meltdown Over Neil Gorsuch Interpreting The Constitution The Way It Was Intended

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During the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing for Supreme Court Nominee Judge Nail Gorsuch, one Democratic Senator revealed that a Democrat will say just about anything to oppose Trump’s SCOTUS pick. Senator Feinstein had a huge meltdown over Gorsuch’s philosophy of looking “to the original public meaning of the Constitution when …

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