Trump blasts $400 million Iran ‘ransom’ as he says America was ‘humiliated’ by ‘incompetent’ Obama – then challenges him to a round of golf for the Oval Office!

Donald Trump lashed out at the White House during a campaign rally Wednesday, saying news of a secret $400 million cash payment to Iran has ‘humiliated’ the United States. Then he challenged President Obama to a high-stakes round of golf – with the winner claiming the Oval Office as his …

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Obama’s State Dept. TURNS On Hillary With Shocking Admission

A legal document submitted in court last week by the Department of State in response to a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed by a conservative news organization showed that as the former secretary of state, current Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton displayed a flagrant disregard for proper protocol. “(She) completed no security briefings or …

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Trump Finally Says It

It has been suggested by some that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is living rent-free inside the heads of both President Barack Obama and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. This is clearly displayed every time either of those two spend more than a moment criticizing, mischaracterizing and smearing Trump, as …

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