Steve Scalise Doing Much Better

We are seeing the impact of the congressional shooter right before out very eyes. This was not an attack on Democrats or Republicans. Rather, it was an attack on America. Everyone needs to work together to ensure that nothing like this will happen again. We cannot and will not let …

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Pat Boone Stands Up For President Trump

We all know that Hollywood at times seems like a big nest for liberals, but nevertheless it’s pretty valued when someone is brave enough to stand up for what’s right. That being said, they literally risk their entire careers, but it appears to not be the priority, instead they are …

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Obama to Trump: your health care plan IS mean

Former President Barack Obama on Thursday denounced the Senate proposal to repeal and replace parts of the Affordable Care Act on Thursday, calling the Republican bill a massive transfer of wealth to the richest people in America with a “fundamental meanness” at its core. Obama, who has largely stayed out …

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